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Moles are quite common and most people have some form of them on their body. Moles are benign skin growths of highly pigmented cells that can start in childhood. They may change shape and color as a person grows and this is normal. It is important to become familiar with the moles on your body through monthly skin checks as a way to identify any changes that may be occurring in a mole or moles.  

Different Types Of Moles

There are many different types of moles. Most appear like brown spots on the skin that stay the same shape and size. Normal moles can appear:

  • One uniform color – brown, black, red, pink, tan or skin-colored
  • Round or oval in shape
  • Well defined border 
  • Flat or slightly raised
  • Smaller than a pencil eraser
  • May or may not have hair 
  • Does not change

Moles can form anywhere on the body, such as on the scalp, between fingers and toes, palms of hands, soles of feet and under fingernails and toenails.


Annual Screening

An annual skin screening with the dermatologist is an important part of your preventative self-care just like getting a regular checkup with your doctor. Dermatologists are experts in diagnosing skin conditions as well as determining if a mole is benign, precancerous or cancerous. Annual skin screenings allow your dermatologist to look at your skin with special magnification tools and note any moles that may need to be monitored over time.

Annual skin screenings are vital for early detection of skin cancers in patients who have increased risk factors, such as:

  • Fair complexions with light hair and light eyes
  • Skin that easily burns in the sun
  • Family history of skin cancer especially melanoma
  • History of tanning bed use
  • History of blistering sunburns
  • More than 50 moles on the body
  • Suspicious looking mole or moles

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